Spartan Race UK mean business this season - as they showed at St Clere, Kent, three weeks ago. To keep even the most seasoned of OCR veterans interested, they're introducing plenty of new and revamped obstacles this year. Here's the first three and there'll be three more published in a couple of weeks time.

The Twister

Pictured above, this is a tough looking obstacle - it's a variation on the linear monkey bars that we've seen from Spartan before, except this time it twists with every grab (similar to the double helix at Nuclear). Anybody who watched the live stream of the opening Spartan US Championship race a couple of weeks ago will have seen that even some of the top elites pinged off this obstacle.

Tyrolean Traverse

We've seen these at several races but we can now expect them to be bigger, longer and harder at upcoming UK Spartan Races. If you're not familiar with the techniques involved, make sure you watch our technique videos for some tips.

Spartan Multi-Rig

First introduced to us at the 2015 Spartan Beast, the multi-rig is an obstacle that has evolved a few times in the last couple of years. The new iteration of it seems to be one that will stick around and consists of a series of grip holds. Namely, monkey bars, rings and ballgrips. This is another tough one and you'll need to be doing plenty of grip strength training, such as bouldering or climbing, if you want to make it through without the burpees.

There's more info on the Spartan Race website, and don't forget your Mudstacle 15% discount code MUDSTACLE15.



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