Well it has been an exciting few months, but after the Spartan Edinburgh Beast we can now declare the 2017 Mudstacle League Spring Season officially over!

Read the news below or go straight to visit the updated tables here.

Andrea Berquez (pictured above) won the ladies race by an astonishing 25 minutes which means that despite an extremely close race all season, the final tables give her a pretty healthy lead over the Becky Rendell in second place.

There were also two athletes in the top five who scored their third score of the season and jumped straight into the top ten for the final league tables. Gavin Hogarth came fourth and ended up tenth overall and Ross "Silver" Macdonald came fifth which jumps him up to fifth in the men's table (squeezing in amongst his teammates!) These two late results sadly push Muddy Racers Keith Fairburn and Declan Traynor just out of the top ten. I'm sure they'll be back with a vengeance next season.

Now that the season is over we can also look at who will be getting themselves a Mudstacle league medal!

Gold, Silver and Bronze league medals are awarded depending on where each runner finishes in the final tables, as per the table below:

Bronze Silver Gold
Men U40 Top 120 Top 80 Top 40
Ladies U40 Top 45 Top 30 Top 15
Men 40+ Top 45 Top 30 Top 15
Ladies 40+ Top 15 Top 10 Top 5

We've added additional tables showing just the under 40s at the bottom of the tables page, so that each person can see where they've come in their age category. Congratulations to everybody who earned a medal, they'll be sent out in the post next week.



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