It’s all change down in the forest!  Wild Forest Gym was one of the first dedicated obstacle training grounds in the UK, now it’s under new management and simply goes by the name Wild Forest. We catch up with the new team to see what’s going on in the woods today.

What’s changed down at the Wild Forest?

Wild Forest is still based in the original 20 acres of mature woodland as part of the Nuclear Farm estate. It’s now under new ownership & management and welcomes visitors of all ages and fitness abilities. Whether you’re getting prepared for an upcoming race or just want to get fit, we offer personal and group training at the award winning Nuclear Races site.

Everyone must complete an induction class just like at the gym.  These are held every Saturday and Sunday morning at 9.30am. You’ll be taken around the course, shown all the obstacles and given a health and safety briefing.

Once inducted, you can come back and use the facilities unsupervised with a 2 hour or full day pass. We also provide monthly memberships.

Wild Forest remains a great day out for the family as well as being the perfect spot to train for your next big race. Children from 6 years old can use the facilities.

Will you be getting new obstacles to train on? What can we expect?

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Nuclear has upgraded existing obstacles and given the jump course (a huge hit with the kids), a new lease of life.   We have introduced new full size race-day obstacles to train, get fit and have fun on.

We've added Nuclear’s concrete atom balls, spinning monkeys and a helix.  Team Nuclear Phoenix has added a low rig, ‘Phoenix Valley' - their equivalent of the OCRWC Skull Valley, and they've upgraded our big rig too.

There's a real buzz of excitement when people return to see the changes in the forest and there are still more to come!

Who are your on site coaches and what do they specialise in? Will you be putting on anything new?

All our instructors are highly qualified and have years of obstacle racing experience.

We're extremely lucky to have Dean Johnson, who came 1st (12k 40-44 year category) in the European Championships this year.  He's at Wild Forest on a Sunday morning teaching our elite racers, offering energy saving techniques and ways to improve your times over the obstacles.

Laura is launching a women's only class on Tuesday mornings, giving helpful advice on how to tackle the obstacles. She’ll also be focusing on building up strength with some cardio and fat burning thrown in too.  She'll be teaching a Race Fit class on a Thursday evening.

Tracey is launching a stretch class on a Wednesday evening; we spend so much time racing and training that we forget to stretch our muscles and relax our mind.

Will you be bringing back the Time Trials or Wild Forest Jams?

Robin French, of Team NuclearPheonix, has just relaunched the time trials as a monthly event using both the obstacle course and jump course with the leader board being displayed in our hub. Check out our facebook page for details of the next one.


If you would like more information on Wild Forest and its classes, head over to, or follow them on Facebook @NuclearWildForest and Twitter @NukWildForest.

Thanks to Tony Jarvis for the cover photo

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