Wow what a weekend it's been! Four points scoring races across Spartan Race Marston Lodge and Nuts Challenge has scrubbed the league into a great state for so early on. Note that the Spartan Super and Nuts Sprint lap each came with 40 bonus points, with the 4 lap slog and Spartan Sprint having 35 and 30 respectively.

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The ladies table has got off to an exciting start with last season's top two Andrea Berquez and Becky Rendell (pictured above right with Holly Jones on the left) each claiming one of the 140 point wins. Natasha Mansell took the win at the Spartan Sprint, which when combined with her second place at the super moves her into first place in the league, as Andrea and Becky have each just completed one race so far this season. Claire Burley slots in just behind her after coming 4th and 3rd at Spartan as well.

In the men's table, Team Pro-Fit's James Burton goes top after coming fourth in both the Nuts Challenge one lap sprint and four lap slogs. Just behind him is newcomer to the Mudstacle league Jesse Betts, representing Cliff Lakes OCR Team. Jesse won the Spartan Sprint and came third in the Super which puts him in top place out of people who have scored two races.

Former league champions Tristan Steed and Conor Hancock also scored highly winning the Nuts Sprint and Spartan Super respectively, but each are on just one race. Special mention also goes to league newcomer Tom Tweddell who wasn't far behind Tristan in the Nuts Sprint... Definitely one to watch!

Nuclear Phoenix have gone straight to the top of the Team League table thanks to a great all round performance by them last weekend, Becky Rendell leads the way for them on points but it really is a team effort with ten individuals each scoring over 100 points. Team Kitbrix have moved into second - headed up of course by Andrea Berquez and Conor Hancock.

Encarni Cascales Aranda came fourth in the Nuts Challenge one lap race which moves her to top of the ladies Masters table and Dave Rogers came third at the same event which puts him top of the Men's Masters when combined with his third place at Total Warrior.

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