Mud Monsters is turning out to be quite the favourite on the obstacle racing calendar, going from strength to strength, and evolving its obstacle offerings with each season. Mudstacle Mud Monsters enthusiast Jono Frost took a trip down to East Grinstead to check out the latest monstrous offering.
I bloody love Mud Monsters. I first ran it this summer and ended up running it quite competitively. It was the first race that made me think, "I'm not quite as sucky at this as I first thought." Which meant that I then booked myself onto their October race. The events run twice a year on a more permanent 4x4 course in lovely woodland.
Mud Monsters is fantastically run. Parking is nice and easy - it can be free but you can also pay an extra donation to charity to park closer to the event village. I am always happy to shell out a little extra to do less walking!
Registration was a breeze. I had booked myself onto a nice early wave to avoid long wait but it seemed that people in later waves didn't have to queue for a long time to register either. Although this is the first race I've ever done where they actually asked me for ID!
We hate it when you go somewhere and someone is wearing EXACTLY the same mud as you
Mud Monsters pride themselves on their mud, and by God they can provide! Thick, deep, shoe-sucking mud! Utterly beautiful. It is almost impossible to run though, and makes for a hard slog though trenches and swamps. Luckily, for me, that translates to a lot of personal happiness!
Though it's not just the signature mud that makes this race fun. Mud Monsters provide lovely, technical obstacles. The plastic based weaver is made much more challenging when you are wet and slimy with mud, and the ninja rings had many people swearing. Personally, I loved their newest obstacle, the "hamster wheel" which came just before a heavy water canister carry.
The race is undoubtedly technical in places, but it is also a good race for fun runners. I love the competitive aspect to Mud Monsters, but it was a joy to watch people swamping [New word. We like it - Ed.] their way around the course in their own time.
Born slippy
Also, on a side note, the bling got bigger this time, which made me very happy!
I would strongly recommend Mud Monster to anyone, whether experienced or not. There are options for 5, 10 or 20k, so there's something for everyone. It is firmly down in the diary as one of my favourite races. Rest assured, I will be back!
Photographs courtesy of Epic Action Imagery.


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