The Nuts Challenge Just Got A Whole Lot More Enticing


You know that, 'never again' feeling when you're washing the last remaining pockets of grit from your knees after running Nuts Challenge? We do. All too well.

Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I'll just look after myself next year, no Winter racing, nothing too strenuous'? Yeah. We have too.

We're all about self care... And then Nuts go and spoil it all by releasing something stupid like a TWO RACES FOR £80 OFFER. Bye-bye principles, and hello up to 8 laps of the Nutcracker, Hamburger Hill, and The Full Monty.

For the month of October, Nuts are offering ludicrous value for muddy - if you sign up to either Winter or Summer, simply email with NUTTERS FOR £80, and you're sorted with two bites at that muddy, gloopy, sticky little apple. (Offer excludes Limitless laps).

Nuts is one of the few permanent courses in the UK, and is truly an institution in home grown obstacle racing. It is undergoing quite the overhaul in terms of organisation and we're genuinely excited to see how it keeps up with the ever-evolving pace of OCR. With an offer like this, you'd be [I'm not going to do it, I'm not going to do it, okay, maybe I am...] NUTS to skip it.

Nuts Challenge winter
You too can look this good. But seriously, you'll have fun.

Not content with simply catering to your love for neoprene and DOMS, Nuts have also released registration for the Mudstacle Sprint Lap at the Nuts Challenge. The Sprint Lap, which is a Mudstacle League Event, allows faster paced runners to shoot through a single lap of the course as quickly as possible before it is later churned up by the likes of hen parties and endurance racers.

If you'd like to sign up for a Mudstacle Sprint Lap at the Nuts Challenge next year, make sure you're signed up for league only, or full membership. Then, follow this link [SUMMER] or this link [WINTER] to register which includes a 20% Mudstacle discount, because we take care of you like that.

Want to see what a Mudstacle Sprint Lap looks like done proper? Check out the footage of this year's winner Tristan Steed making it look easy, and our footage from Winter too! Unfortunately we had a camera nightmare and our footage of the Ladies' race suffered the consequences, but we'll be back with a vengeance next time.


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