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Normally the little changes in the league top 10 are pretty exciting, but this weekend's races and results are JUST SO EXCITING.

I usually start with the teams, but that can wait until the end this week, and you'll see why later.

Mens' Table
Despite Tristan Steed's 2nd place at the Nuclear Challenge Cup, he finishes comfortably at the top of the mens' placing. HUGE congratulations to Tristan for an incredible season of racing, which was consistently brilliant. Dasos Gonella from Team Nuclear Phoenix kept hold of the silver podium place, following a very steady season of high ranking. Mudstacle Machine Jason Burgess picked up 8th place at the Nuclear Challenge Cup, giving him a 3rd scoring event, meaning that he leapfrogs a huge amount of runners to take the bronze podium spot. Cliff Lakes' Jesse Betts has therefore been narrowly squeezed out of the podium position after a very strong season too.

Ladies' Table
Mudstacle Machine Natasha Mansell has been sitting on the side lines, with an injury for the last 2 events of the season and nervously watching as her competitors slowly take chunks out of her lead. However, Natasha had built up a big enough lead to hold on to the ladies title. Well done Natasha! The silver podium spot goes to Becky Rendell. It was only by the TINIEST of margins that she pipped her team mate, Nicki Johnson, who finished in bronze position. Nicki's amazing 3rd place at the Nuclear Challenge Cup boosted her points. But the final calculations are (to 12 decimal places)
Becky: 393.44435779517
Nicki: 393.267414403778
Well done ladies; I don't think we have ever had such a close fight before!

Mens' Masters Table
I'm not sure what these guys have been doing for the rest of the season but Mudstacle Machines Jason Burgess and Dave Rogers swapped their slippers for fell shoes and smashed the final event of the season, with Dave coming 4th at Nuclear Challenge Cup and Jason in 8th. These results pushed Jason into the top spot taking gold, and Dave closely followed in the silver position. In the bronze position was Team Pro Fit's Eddie Lambert, who has been in a podium spot all season. Well done gentleman, you can now relax and dig over your allotments.

Ladies' Masters Table
With only 2 points scoring results, Team Nuclear Phoenix's Ruth Goodwin showed her dominance at the top of table to take away the gold spot. Team Nuts' Encarnacion Cascales Aranda staying comfortably in the silver podium spot. Team Pro-Fit's Justine Ridgeway had a great result at Nuclear and leaps into the final podium position. Well done ladies- you all deserve a nice cup of tea and a slice of battenburg!

With Mudstacle Machine Jason Brunnock taking 3rd place at the Nuclear Challenge Cup and Jason Burgess and Dave Rogers racing at their 3rd points qualifying event, the Mudstacle Machines have managed to just sneak past the mighty Team Nuclear Phoenix who have dominated the team table all season. A huge victory at the Challenge Cup for Conor Hancock and Andrea Berquez coming home in 8th cements the bronze position for Team KitBrix.

Huge congratulations to everyone in the Mudstacle League, it has been one hell of a season. Hopefully we will be seeing you at the awards for a glorious presentation!

Please note that the points allocation tables are slightly different this season, with all race results going into the same table. This means that you can search by name or team name to see all of that person's or team's results in one place, without having to go through multiple tables.

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