EXCLUSIVE: We’ve Got Some Good News


It has been rather a difficult year, with some excellent races going the way of the dodo. Luckily... there may just be a Lazarus amongst them.

We'll let the video do most of the talking, and just leave you with the statement below from Mark Buller.

So, in all that excitement, we've come to learn that JD is back, but the team will not be as with previous events. We are keeping an enthusiastic race director, but we are sadly but understandably losing some of the much respected team.

Here is something penned by Mark Buller to clarify the outfit behind JD going forward.

"Following the announcement that Dean will be continuing to put on races under the JD brand I wanted to make it clear that the rest of the management team - Adam, Gary and I - will no longer be involved.

For a number of reasons we decided not to continue and those reasons still hold true 6 months after we decided to close the business.

For nearly 4 years we’ve been putting on races and the business is yet to post a profit. We’ve dedicated god knows how many hours to it and it goes without saying we’ve loved every minute. However, we felt we’d reached the point where we weren’t putting on the races we were 18 months ago and that’s not how we want to be remembered

In December MTFU Events (the holding company) will close and the team behind it will step down. The JD brand will then be transferred to Dean and be managed under a new company. In Dean you have one of the best RD’s around so we are sure the JD brand will go from strength to strength.

The Unknown has been passed on to Gary as it's his baby and he's the driving force behind it's success.. This event has had such an impact on peoples lives it's hard to completely walk away so I'll be there next September and we're hoping to talk Adam into joining us.

Without this becoming too downbeat I should reiterate the last 4 years has been incredible. We’ve had the best fun, worked with the best people, made friends forever and will always remember what a positive impact JD had on our lives and most importantly the lives of people taking part. The December race will be our chance to say thank-you so even if you're not taking part please come down and say hi!

See you all in a few weeks and out on course at one of the JD races in 2018. "



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