Tough Mudder are famed for their big-build, daring and sometimes controversial obstacles. From Cry Baby to Fire in Your Hole, we’ve seen them arrive, make a statement, and sometimes disappear into the ether.

But not for long.

Tough Mudder will (supposedly against their will... Wink wink), for the first time, be offering us glimpses into their obstacle lab- with blueprints from days gone by and, after January 11th, plans for new 2018 builds - all through the medium of The Vault.

The Vault currently holds blueprints, drawings and renderings of classic obstacles (and their rather more unorthodox friends – yes, Turd, we’re looking at you), as well as details of past challenges and designs.

As of January 2018, it won’t just be the icons of bygone Tough Mudders that are available to your appraising eyes; it will be some brand new obstacles for 2018.

Even better, event attendees are going to be able to vote for the return of their favourites. Take a trip down memory lane, reminisce about Dingleberries, or whatever floats your boat, and vote to bring them back. That’s right – you get a say in the obstacles that form the basis of the Tough Mudders of 2018.

Those sneaky devils at TM will be disclosing #MudderLeaks over the coming weeks through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course, their Vault homepage.

Keep your eyes peeled. But not while attempting Cry Baby. That would be stupid.

Images courtesy of Tough Mudder / Edelman





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