'Tis the season to be thinking about giving races for Christmas! That's why we've put together a little list of reasons why Santa should know all about Monster Race.

  1. You can go as hard as you like

You can run Monster race for the sheer fun of it, but people can and do run Monster competitively. It’s a chip timed race, so you can set yourself a time target, a position target, or if you’ve got a particular obstacle you want to conquer – that can be your goal. Plus, you can see where you sit in the list of finishers. Equally, it’s the perfect race for fun-runners or those who perhaps aren’t as confident on certain obstacles yet. It really is for everybody.

Very, very serious runners...
  1. It’s got that gateway distance

We’ve all got that mate who is apparently desperate to do an obstacle course but they just can’t/ just hate / are allergic to running. Enter the 5K. That way, you can experience all of the obstacles in the 10k (as it’s a lapped course), with precisely half the running. It’s win-win.

  1. There’s no such thing as a clean start

Entering the start pen is a baptism of fire. Or rather, mud. You think you’re going to get around this course and remain clean? Think again. Reluctant to get your hands dirty? Tough. You’ve got to crawl through a mud pit to even sniff the start line. And it’s awesome.

  1. Obstacles Teresa May would make a speech about

There are few things worse than sitting astride an obstacle that is practically swinging in the breeze, so we’re pleased to report that Monster’s obstacles are both strong AND stable. Sturdy builds are extremely important, and allow you to really throw yourself into the race.

  1. It’s set out like a proper obstacle race

None of this 4k cross-country running before you hit so much as a cargo net! The obstacles at Monster Race are spaced quite evenly, so you’re not tumbling over ten in quick succession and burning your arms out in between boring bouts of nothingness.

  1. It doesn’t break the bank

The further in advance you book, the cheaper it is, but even when booking by the skin of your teeth, the 10k race won’t cost more than £60. The full 10k distance is only ever a few pounds more, so it’s totally worth booking it, and if you feel like bailing after the first lap, there’s no shame, and no great financial hit. Right now, the races are sitting at £52 and £55, which is a nice Christmas incentive to get fit in the New Year.

Slowly slowly catchy Monster
  1. You can bring your little monsters
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Monster has a dedicated wave for 12-18 year olds where your teens can run with an adult on the 5K, and also separate races for kids between 4-11. You can ask for an hour window when entering the kids’ races to enable you to watch or run with your children before taking on the main course yourself.

  1. You can watch and get papped for free

You can drag your family and friends out to watch you suffer at Monster race. You don’t have to pay spectator fees, and there’s plenty in the event village to keep them entertained whilst you’re out of sight in a swamp somewhere. There are also photographers out on course to capture all of the agonies and ecstasies of your Monster achievement, and the photos are free!

  1. It’s *gasp* not just for South Easterly racers

With so many races concentrated in the South East, it’s easy to feel left out if you live outside of that little bubble, but Monster run their races in the South West, with venues in Devon, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.


The BEST photo opportunities come from throwing yourself off a platform on to a massive, floofy airbag just before the finish. Whether make this leap with grace or dignity is entirely your call.

If you want more information straight from the Monster's mouth, check out http://www.monsterrace.co.uk

Photographs courtesy of Epic Action Imagery.

Ami is the Editor of Mudstacle, but moonlights as a farm animal vet, so basically she's perpetually dirty.


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