Spartan are whetting appetites for next season ALREADY by launching a virtual challenge. Welcome to the Spartan UK Virtual Challenge: Burpee Edition.That sounds fun and terrifying in equal measure, so let's go through some details:

When does it kick off? The challenge will run between December 6th and 27th.

What do I have to do? Find yourself a track or area with a 400m course, and RUN IT. Then do 30 Spartan burpees. Then do it all over again to bring your total to 4 laps (that's 1600m and 120 burpees). Make sure to time yourself and enter it online to join the rankings. You can even upload a video if you fancy.

But WHY? It's actually a pretty good marker of your fitness relative to the other competitors. The results will be online, and will allow you to see who your competition might be next season. Also, you get limited edition dog tags and access to January promotions. Not bad for a fiver!

If you think you're up to the task, register here for £5. Good luck!


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