It's almost here! The first shining opportunity of 2018 to get a name for yourself in the Mudstacle League, Winter NUTS!

We have been fighting through the off-season to bring more races to our League, but no matter what the season holds, the Mudstacle Sprint Lap at NUTS is going to be a big points scorer.

If you want to get a nice little Mudstacle discount and show your grit in the fastest lap at NUTS, make sure you follow this link to register for the 9.30 wave on Saturday, March 3rd.

NUTS have so much in store for us this year, we can barely contain our excitement. So much so, that it's masquerading as fear.

Well, they *seem* qualified...?

We jest. It's going to be brilliant, and with multi-lap races also featuring in the league, it's going to pay to be on the start line of one of Britain's most iconic events. Stay tuned for winter racing tips and tricks...


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