Inov8 STORMSHELL Running Jacket Review


The Inov8 STORMSHELL is a great waterproof jacket for running. On a technical side, it boasts the highest rating of breathability and waterproofing you'll find in any running jacket (HH 20,000 and B1 20,000 standards if you like acronyms and large numbers). I love it because it ticks all the boxes when I'm looking at mandatory kits lists for events. I'm not even sure what a taped seam is, but it seems to be very important to event directors when they're telling you what to wear.

Testing the Inov8 STORMSHELL

Running in the jacket is super comfortable too: the material is nice and stretchy and roomy around the armpits and elbows, which gives loads of freedom of movement. The material is so breathable too, you don't get the horrible sweatiness you get with the old boil in the bag kagools. The STORMSHELL is also fairly quiet too, due to the softer materials used - some running jackets sound like you are wearing a crisp packet!

This jacket does what you want it to: keeps you dry, doesn't make you sweat, and is easy to wear. The only downside is the cost. Unfortunately high tech, engineered clothing comes with a high price tag.

Full tech specs and colour choices can be found here:


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