It's BACK! After the great success of the first Mudstacle Coaching lap, we have decided to put our Machines to good use once again; teaching obstacle novices the ropes (and climbs, and rings, and monkey bars).

Our first coaching lap of 2018 will take place at the Spartan Sprint at St Clere, Kent. For more details of the race and venue, click here.

Mudstacle coaching laps are the perfect opportunity for those new to obstacle racing as a whole, or rusty or under-confident with certain obstacles, to get to grips with better techniques in a race setting.

We run out in later laps, which means you can take in the atmosphere of the competitive waves in the morning. When it's your turn, the pressure is off and the course is yours for the taking.

You will take it easy along the 5k+ course, accompanied by Mudstacle HQ and Machines, and be given training and encouragement to safely attempt any obstacles that you want. Obstacles are not mandatory, but this will be a great place to try out new techniques. Spartan obstacles are quite standardised across venues, so this could really set you up for your first trifecta or Spartan Season.

To come along to a Mudstacle coaching lap, you can register as normal, but use our exclusive MUDSTACLE20 code - The first entrant should set up a team called MudstacleCoach, and after that, just join the MudstacleCoach team.

BUT, for 5 lucky people, entry will be free!

If you want the chance to be coached by podium-standing, award winning, dedicated obstacle racing athletes (and seasoned obstacle runners who know all the tips and tricks), enter our competition for one of 5 Mudstacle Coaching Lap tickets. You don't have to be completely new to OCR either.

Answer the following question and submit your details below to enter:


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Entries will close on the 14th of February at 11.59pm, and winners will be notified before the 16th of February, to give all other entrants a chance to register at a discounted rate in good time.


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