Even the dog can come along to the newest iteration of the Muddy Furlong this Easter Monday.

Relaunching at Long Furlong Farm, in Catesby (near Daventry), the Muddy Furlong is probably one of the best ways to work off all of that chocolate with the whole family. Kids from age five can join in, and best of all, it’s not too taxing, with both 3k and 5k laps to choose from. Wanna go harder? Fine – multiple laps can be attempted.

The team is staying true to old form, with entry at just £25 for adults and £12.50 for children. This price includes a medal, parking and onsite camping if you so wish. Spectators also go free, which is a bonus.

So nobody misses moments like this

All of this family-friendly stuff doesn’t mean there won’t be healthy competition though - we are reliably informed that there is an ‘elite’ first wave, so that competitive types can leap around the course without fear of bowling children out of the way. After that it’s footloose family fun. You can tell the dog to leave its wallet at home too.

Towards the end of the day, things take a turn for the creative, as the Muddy Fur-log begins. In this wave, a team of 4 must complete the course accompanied by a not-inconsiderable 40kg log. After that, they’re exhausting even more puns with a Muddy Furry-long, where the dog finally gets its day.

We’ve also heard tell that Mudstacle faves The OCR Girls will be there- what better way to get your kids in front of some super cool role models?

If you'd like to sign up, or for more information, get on over to their website.


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