Last weekend, Monster Race Devon was forced to cancel the event while runners were still on course. We have consulted with the race director, the timing chip company, runners that completed the events, runners that abandoned the event due to the extreme conditions and runners that were instructed to return to the event village during the event. In short, we've consulted with everyone we could possibly find.

As you can imagine, whether to publish these results was a very difficult decision to make, but we decided to process the results and allocate the points to those that completed the course. It would be unfair not to reward  runners that managed to complete the course following all their efforts prior to the event and especially during the event. We also thought it unfair to change our system and processes that we have always been so passionate about.

See the results here.


Team Nuclear Phoenix are sitting very comfortably in first place, with more points than the combined second and third teams - Team Nuts and RPCC.


Becky Rendell (Nuclear Phoenix) jumps in to first place after winning the ladies race at Monster Race. Teammate Nicki Johnson drops to second, leaving Laura Heywood (Muddy Race) in third.


There are no changes in the top three male positions, despite Mudstacle Machine Dan Eyre winning at Monster Race. This is due to the low number of runners finishing at the event.

Ladies' Masters:

Laura Heywood still sits on the top spot in the over 40s, with Encarnacion Cascales Aranda in second and Toni Cupit jumping into third place.

Men's Masters:

There were no changes in the over 40s; with Tony Leary in the top spot, Robert Boarder in second and Steve Grainger taking third.


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