Godzilla vs. Kong, Alien vs. Predator, and now Monster vs. The Beast 2.0.

Unfortunately, we know how that last one turned out.

Monster race was already up against it, with dangerously low temperatures affecting runners left right and centre. In normal circumstances, severe weather may warrant delaying waves until the conditions settle, but unfortunately, a serious incident occurred when a spectator fell very ill, very quickly. The air ambulance was on site, and runners waiting patiently for their later waves to start were just getting colder.

Bravely, and in consideration for all of the spectators and runners present, Monster decided to cancel all waves after 11am, and instructed everyone to get warm and get home.

This sort of thing has a huge knock-on effect for a race brand, and no doubt they're fielding all manner of communications to try to resolve the situation. Naturally, people want to know where their money will end up: back in the bank, or used to defer the race to another date. At the minute, we just don't know.

We must send our thanks to the marshals, medical teams and race directors that worked to keep everybody safe. It must have been an incredibly difficult day for them after so much preparation.

For us, it means a delay of the Mudstacle League results. We have every intention of including the finishers' results in the league tables as planned. Under normal circumstances, raw data comes over to us to analyse and fit into the tables, but this is obviously not going to be a priority for the organisers at this time. We also have another obstacle in that when contingency plans were set to get runners off the course (through diverts and simply dropping off the route), this affected the chip timing, sending people who only ran part of the course straight to the top of the leaderboard.

But where are ma League pointz?

Our answer to this is: DON'T PANIC. If you're waiting for your rightful results to be restored, we will get there.

What you can do to help: If you are a Mudstacle League member and you know that you did not complete the entire course - it would save us finding it out from the raw data if you let us know. We already have several race reports, but counting yourself out if you didn't run the whole 10k would really speed up the process of analysing the data.

You can contact us here: http://ukocrleague.com/contact/

Luckily, it's early in the season, so the League is still all to play for!


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