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Let’s face it; the gym is not for everyone. Neither is self motivation. Now that the apocalyptic snow has cleared, it might be time to get back outside and start taking advantage of the sliiiightly longer days.

Enter BMF.

BMF, or British Military Fitness could well be solution to all of your gym-based misery. BMF isn’t a new concept – they’re probably in a park near you. Each park has a lead instructor, and several other military trained motivators take sessions with them, so they can tailor the workout to your ability.

BMF might sound like a military inspired, boot camp shout-fest, but it is not as aggressive as the name suggests. The techniques and exercises have their origins in boot camp training, of course, but the attitudes are friendly, helpful, supportive and fun. You’re not crawling around Hyde Park avoiding snipers; you’re there to get fit and have a good time doing it.

I’ve always found it much easier to train around people; there’s an accountability that you don’t have if you’re slogging away solo, there can be a small element of secret competition (my version of the Seabiscuit effect), and it is incredibly encouraging to have people around you that have similar goals. They aren’t all there training for the Olympics – BMFers are more ordinary than you might think.

All parks are very beginner friendly; so there’s no need to worry about being left behind. Beginners generally wear blue bibs and are specially catered to. When you feel yourself improving, you can graduate to red, where you’re pushed that bit further, but in the same supportive way. Super fit BMFers will wear green, and are pushed to their limits, perhaps with longer runs, higher reps or different weights, but the important thing to remember is that you’re not married to your bib – if you want an easier session, or you’re recovering from injury, drop down. If you want a challenge, step up a colour. It’s a very flexible process considering it is centred on a military theme!

Even in the dead of winter, there are sessions that make you flush with pride at having gone for your goals, and in the heat of summer, you can fit in a session before sundown and feel smug about it all week.

So how about it? If your fitness regime isn’t giving you the buzz that it should, it won’t hurt to give BMF a go; the progress is measurable even after a few sessions.

We have a 2-week free trial if you would like to hit up your local park and see just how beneficial it can be. If you like it, we have an industry best 20% discount for some packages lurking in our member pages. There’s nothing to lose but seconds off your PBs.

Use code MUDSTACLE2018 for 2 free weeks.

  1. This offer entitles the participant to an unlimited amount of British Military Fitness (BMF) classes for fourteen (14) consecutive days for free at a venue of the participants’ choice. For venues visit, britmilfit.com/where-we-train/. Two week complimentary BMF memberships can only be redeemed by completing an online sign up form prior to attending a class and entering the relevant promotion code. To redeem this offer visit registration form.
  2. Once registered, participants must activate the complimentary membership by visiting a class in the park at which they’ve registered within two days of receiving email confirmation.
  3. This offer expires on 31st December 2018 after which promotion code holder will be unable to apply complimentary membership.
  4. This offer is limited to one promotional code per person.
  5. Promotion codes cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.
  6. Participants must be 16 years or over.
  7. Promotion codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  8. This offer is not available to current  BMF members or individuals that have previously attended BMF.
  9. BMF have the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice.


  1. BMF is an excellent product and was my main motivator for joining Mudstacle (after discussing the discount in advance with BMF of course); I cannot speak more highly of the instructors and the quality of the training they provide.

    Sadly, after signing up and attempting to use the discount I was told that they would only honour it on their most expensive membership package. This is certainly not the impression given by a banner headline of ‘20% off membership’; it’s dishonest and a criminal offence.

    I’m a Trading Standards Officer so I’ve given BMF advice and will be contacting Mudstacle as well; in the meantime I hope that no others are misled by the offer.


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