To celebrate the auspicious 8th Year of totally brilliant Total Warrior, they have unveiled a new obstacle that will be adorning both its Northern strongholds of the Lakes and Leeds and its new Oxfordshire venue, Great Tew Estate.

**Please note, the Oxfordshire race has now been cancelled, please refer to the end of this article for full details***

It’s called The Waterfall, which we’re not sure has been done as a standalone obstacle before – certainly not outside a natural feature like, well, a waterfall. Racers have to conquer a series of walls whilst water cascades from the top, which will be either terrifying or refreshing depending on your outlook (and the weather). Luckily, the events run from June to September, so the Sun Gods should look favourably upon us.

Of course, we’ll still see our old favourites: blistering photo opportunity the Human BBQ is back, as well as the challenging Hang Tough and the rather less hotly anticipated (but zingy) Shocker.

How's that for a profile pic?

In a climate where OCR attendance is dwindling at some races, it’s reassuring to see that TW is still growing, and anticipating bigger crowds this year. Honestly, if you haven’t run one yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for – check out our previous review!

Total Warrior run enough events to make their £140 season pass a really good deal. If you’re just up for the one, though, 2018 races can still be booked from £59.95 until the 3rd of May: just check out

Go on, Accept the Challenge…

A note from TW on their Oxfordshire race:

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Total Warrior is set for an amazing 2018. We’re expecting record numbers at Leeds, new formats to be launched and brand new obstacles set for both Leeds and the Lake District - the original home of TW for the past 8 years. We are very passionate about growing and diversifying these events, whilst continuing to make them the best in the country. To enable us to achieve this goal we have decided not to go ahead with the proposed new South East event this September.

We have not taken this decision lightly and have acted early to try and minimise any disruption caused. The demand for Total Warrior in both Leeds and Lakes, and the resulting opportunities, mean we must give those events our full attention. This is to make sure we continue to put on the very best, and highest quality events, in the country.

We really had to decide what type of company do we want to be, what are our strengths? We have always been recognised as the Premier northern event, with consistently amazing reviews from year one. This is where we are based and it allows us to make the best possible courses, year in year out. We felt by moving South we could be in danger of becoming more of a ‘circus comes to town’ company, which is exactly what we want to avoid. Our aim over the coming years is to grow Total Warrior and expand the formats at the current locations, to make it one of the biggest mass participation events in the North alongside the Great North Run.  

We hope you understand and appreciate our decision and we look forward to seeing you at the Leeds and Lake District events this summer. 

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