Scott are better known for their award winning range bikes than for their trail shoes; which is why eyebrows were raised when Jon Albon and Ryan Atkins were spotted sporting a pair of their new flagship trail shoe, the Supertrac RC, at the Spartan World Championships last year.  After seeing that, we had to get a pair for ourselves to see if there was a new player in town to rival Inov8, VJ Sport and Salomon for your hard earned cash. So how do they stack up? Find out below...

We all know that when it comes to a new pair of trail shoes, the most important thing is how they look, and the Scott Supertrac RC definitely stands out in that department. A sleek and sexy black/yellow combination really catches the eye straight out of the box, as does the 360° radial grip on the sole. It’s fair to say I wanted to love these shoes straight away.


360 Radial lug pattern
Seamless upper
Scott Aerofoam+ midsole
5mm drop
Eride design
Reinforced toe bumper
Weight 250g (UK 8)

Since getting the shoes from Scott I have covered about 120 miles through training, racing at Spartan and the Ultra Tour of Arran. I have encountered every type of terrain from woodland trails and peat bogs around the edge of a loch to clambering up grade 3 scrambles and running wet rocky ridges. They have climbed ropes and traversed Olympus and come out the other side asking for more.

With a 5mm drop helping to create an efficient mid to forefoot strike, the Aerofoam+ midsole provides a pleasing level of cushioning; firm and responsive yet enough give to put in some serious distance. Scott got the balance right here; I like a firmer shoe when I’m on trails, but there is still a good deal of flex towards the forefoot, helping to propel you forwards when pushing off. You also really feel the Eride system at work, which is possibly why these shoes feel lighter than they are. They maintain a slight curve from the heel to the toe that gently rolls the foot forward on landing helping to keep cadence up and maintain good posture.

I found the fit of the shoe perfect for my feet - a snug seamless upper (great for avoiding rubbing) hugs the foot. On initial viewing, I thought the tongue may be a little thin, but it’s actually well padded and holds the foot securely and comfortably.  Lacing is also well designed, with no points of pressure even when dialled in tight. There is no additional eyelet to allow you to lace in such a way as to prevent heel slippage – something which concerned me a little before my first run, as it is something I have suffered from in most shoes, but the heel cup is padded, secure and gave me no issues. The toe box is nice and roomy with plenty of space for the foot to splay on those longer runs and is well protected by a rubber toe bumper that will help repel most of what the trail can throw at you.  They also drain exceptionally well after going through streams and bogs. I have experienced no blisters or hotspots in them, even after a punishing day 2 at the Ultra Tour of Arran which saw a whopping 2200m of ascent, so a big win there.

The radial lug design, moulded in a wet rubber compound, is designed to provide a stable grip on trail and a quick response when changing direction at speed. I have to say, while in Arran, I was really impressed with how well they dealt with wet rock; I felt stable and sure footed with the confidence that my feet were not going to be sliding at all angles. They excel over a number of types of terrain, offering a great level of grip and really propel you forward on your run. The radial lugs do actually work; helping stop you sliding on sloping hills and paths and on technical downhills. They offer a sense of security when quickly picking your way through rocks and roots. The lugs aren’t the deepest, but deal excellently with mud (important in UK conditions) - biting in and not slipping away. In the really deep, sloppy stuff a more aggressive outsole may be better, but there are few shoes that excel in this area.

I am a big fan of the Supertrac RC and they will become my trail and ocr shoe of choice. I can see why they were on the feet of Jon and Ryan in Tahoe last year. They are fast, agile shoes offering a secure, comfortable ride and grip for days. There may be some concern over the durability of the lugs due to the softer sticky compound, but 120 miles in I am seeing no wear and have pushed them over rock, tarmac, trail and mud.

If you are looking for something different, versatile, grippy and quick, then the Supertrac RC are well worth your time. Oh and did I mention how sexy they look! Black and Yellow!

You can find the Supertrac RC at most online retailers from £85-£110





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