Total Warrior: a dedicated, salt of the earth, Northern powerhouse. They know their audience, they know their terrain, and somehow, they know that there are some of you that just want more.

Ultra Warrior Lakes was responsible for beasting the North West last year, but what about the Yorkshire folk? They need a chance to prove themselves too.

Okay then.

Yorkshire, you have 5 hours to run as many laps of the Total Warrior course as you can muster, just as your counterparts can in the Lakes. Both events will be running this Ultra Warrior event, on the Sunday of their weekends, but only 1 wave of 150 participants will set off.

While it runs on the standard course, the Ultra has two checkpoints: one at the start and another at the halfway point, meaning that you can clock half laps. The winner will be whoever completes the highest number of 10-12k laps (including that all-important half) in the allotted time of 5 hours.

Completion of any extra lap earns you a title though, with 2 lappers dubbed Bronze Warriors, 3 lappers Silver Warriors, 4 laps makes you a Gold Warrior, and 5 or more laps earns you the title of Platinum Warrior.

As always, the event entry includes a race headband, tee shirt, finisher beer and of course, bragging rights. You also get to see some really beautiful parts of the countryside, so that you can appreciate the view whilst it slowly destroys your calf muscles.

If you’re curious, morbidly or otherwise, have a look at for a full breakdown of the event.

…Good luck!


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