Last year, in the spirit of putting some fun back in to racing, Our Machine Dom Searle took on ‘Tough Tribe’. You can see how she felt about it here. [Spoiler: She loved it]

We’re painfully aware that the distribution of obstacle course races is skewed heavily to the South, so we’re very pleased to announce the return of Life Leisure's Tough Tribe to Stockport. It’s still a difficult time for OCR, so the return of a new race is a great thing. This year’s Tough Tribe will take place at a different venue – Woodbank Park, on the 23rd September.

Tough Tribe entrants can run solo or with teams (hence Tribe, yes?). There are both 5k and 10k distances over some wicked looking terrain, and the usual suspects will return in the form of walls, scramble nets, rope climbs and pulleys, as well as some closely guarded surprises! The best news is that the event is to become even more family friendly, with an event for kids aged 8 and over.

Participants enjoying a squeeze - Photos courtesy of Tough Tribe

Around 500 people took part in Tough Tribe last year, and since we’re all about increasing participation from people new to obstacle racing, it’s great that their new venue has capacity for 1000 entrants. Now there’s no excuse not to drag your co-workers, friends and family along. You know, the ones that would ‘love to do what you do, but it looks too hard/competitive/much like exercise’.

Tough Tribe are very quick to emphasise that no obstacle is mandatory, and nobody is assessing your fitness levels! The fastest participants will be up and off in the first wave, leaving the course as your playground.

If you’ve been thinking about dipping your toe into obstacle racing, but haven’t quite wanted to commit to loads of money and travel for something you’re unsure about –well, this might just be the race for you.

Plus, you'll get a banging new profile picture out of it!

For further details on training and to sign up for the event, head on over to


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