The history of women only races has been a chequered one. Race for Life arguably corner the market on lady-runs, in their endeavour to raise funds for Cancer Research, and they do an excellent job of it. Unfortunately rather dramatic breakdown of female-only festival Filthy Girl meant that a lot of would-be mud-running, trail-blazing birds have lost out on the experience of an obstacle course with their girlfriends and, importantly, lost their  money.

This experience will have undoubtedly put a lot of prospective OCR ladies off trying to book races, especially if the draw of a ladies-only race was to build their confidence before branching out in to the wider world of mixed OCR.

Enter Rat Race. Concerned about the potential gap left in the market for this type of festival, they actually looked in to acquiring the existing Filthy Girl business to try to save the day. This, however, proved too complicated, yet undaunted they have commandeered the Catton Hall Venue for August 3rd, 2019 and created a whole new animal; Girls Get Fizzical.

Now I know what you're thinking - once bitten, twice shy, but Rat Race is an established company, responsible for putting on possibly the greatest weekender on the calendar, Dirty Weekend, not to mention Runstock, and some of our favourite travelling races, like Survival of the Fittest. In short, they know what they're doing. As a further gesture of goodwill to the ladies who lost out in the whole Filthy Girl debacle, they are offering a £20 discount to previous FG entrants. All you need to do is email them at with proof of purchase for either of the FG events (Catton or Chepstow), and you're sorted for this standalone event. It's worth noting that Rat Race and Fizzical are not, in any way, affiliated with Filthy Girl - they're just trying to do this thing properly.

Photos: Rat Race

So, with that out of the way - what can you expect from this very Fizzical Festival? The run itself is a 5k loop, and you're invited to go for 5 or 10k distances. It will have all the trappings of a Rat Race event - solid, quality obstacles, a dedicated safety team, but an all female marshal squad. They're taking the no boys allowed theme very seriously, with only essential male crew members, and a guaranteed women only site after 5pm. Of course, your family (yes, even the boys) can come and spectate during the day, but once they've gone home, it's all about a girl's night in. Or out. Are you in or out if you're in a tent? The famous RR big top will dominate the landscape, and you can expect hot tubs, flowing prosecco, gin and cocktails, a 'have a go' section in the festival village and a tent dedicated to doing your hair. Yes, seriously.

If you think this sounds right up your street, or you're struggling for an OCR based hen weekend that you can drag even your laziest pals to, this might well be the event for you.  All details are available at


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