For those of your who don’t know Hatti, she was the recipient of last year’s ‘Most Inspiring Community Individual’ Mudstacle Award 2017 - a most deserved accolade that she has gone on to reinforce into 2018. This year has seen Hatti go on to a monster fundraising project, one peppered with both success and failure. Here, she details her efforts in her inimitable style…

Over the past few months I have changed my plans more times than Kim and Donald, and have flopped over more obstacles than I ever have in my five-year OCR “career”. It’s not been easy, in fact it’s been messy, and it’s far from over…But I think I’ve done alright and I’m feeling pretty good about my current state of affairs. Naturally I wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to make this a lesson for all of us - because over the past couple of months I have learnt two very, important lessons, two things that are so important in fact that I am pretty sure they could turn ANY failure into a success!

Shall we crack on?

6 months ago I won an award I was sure I didn’t deserve; when I collected it, I thanked all of those standing in-front of me and those who couldn’t be there; not for nominating me, not for voting for me, but for making me the person I was - standing up there, collecting that award. I couldn’t be me without the people around me; the people who have supported, pushed, pulled, encouraged, inspired and loved me continuously and consistently. So when Ami asked me to write about overcoming challenges I knew that it had to begin with me seizing the opportunity to reiterate the points I made those many months ago.

I think it’s safe to say that my attempts at saving the world recently have not gone to plan! I have had to think of new ideas, change venues, create new challenges, close-up shop on my baby (the OCReche - don’t worry, not an actual baby!) and I’m still not even half-way to my fundraising target!

It’s been a roller coaster that is for sure! But, as I said in a recent video of mine: while this journey has had some whacky ups and downs, for the first time in a long time I’ve been able to throw my hands up in the air and ride the whole damn thing with minimal terrified screams.

While I am definitely on a crusade to save the world because of some irrational hero-complex: it is the furthest thing from a one-man mission… It takes a village, and I’ve got a bloody good one! I would not still want to keep going if it wasn’t for the support, the encouragement, the patience, the ideas and the help of my friends, my family and those who care as much about these causes as I do.

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So firstly I would like to take this opportunity to say another massive thank you to the supporters, the donators, the encouragers, the inspirers, the idea-makers, the huggers, the watchers, the clappers, the sharers and everyone else in-between for your phenomenal support. Not one part of what I want to achieve would be possible without other people and not one of my plan alterations would have been possible without the support of those around me. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Secondly, THIS is the first tip I’m talking about y’all: I know how compelling it is to want to do something big and brave and noble by yourself, trust me I get it, but asking for help does not make you weak - just because you couldn’t do it on your own doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it and it certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

So find your village, embrace your village, and let them help you help the world!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate everyone who has helped me, not just in this mission but in every one before and every one in the future.

We are a village.
And we’re changing the world!

Tip number two is equally as important. I have seen this fundraising effort take more shapes than a boggart, and I used to love the phrase, “if plan A didn’t work, don’t worry, there are still 25 more letters in the alphabet.” I don’t think I’ve experienced more than a handful of successful Plan As and NONE of them were ever seamless. I dream big and often try to go bigger and a lot of the time I find myself tripping up in the process, so this motto that told me that I still had 25 goes left when my first attempt failed. It worked perfectly in keeping my dreams big while my plans grew into them.

But then I found myself on plan Y.
And it felt terrible.

As I write this, I am two thirds of my way through a “self-devised” charity challenge which is actually made up of three challenges - one of which has merited a total rethink, because my knees were behaving worse than the two-year-old twins I look after on a chocolate-milk comedown. This challenge (made up of three challenges) was put together because earlier in the Spring I did another challenge, (also made up of three challenges), that didn’t raise as much money or awareness as I had hoped it would. THAT challenge, (made up of three challenges), was thought of because I had originally thought of a spectacular idea – that was probably a little too ambitious to start with anyway – but then got myself into a crash (of the car variety) and thus had to tone it down (think Jordan to Katie Price type transformation - massive but the end result was still pretty outlandish).

At nearly every turn during this process I have found myself facing some sort of complication; all I want to do is contribute to the saving of the world. I want it so bad and I am so passionate about what I’m doing and I am trying harder than I’ve ever tried for anything ever in my whole 24-years-and-6-months-long life. But it’s just super duper hard. Every single corner has a difficulty or a barrier that I’ve had to figure out and it has been utterly draining; I’ve felt like the world’s biggest failure, a massive flake, an idiot, a liability and to be honest just like a massive twat. I’ve made it to the end of the alphabet and I’m still not sure that what I have planned is going to work.

But I cannot begin to describe to you how badly I want it to.
Not for me.
But for the charities I set out to do this for in the first place.
I want it to work so badly that it physically hurts!
So you know what I’ve decided?

If your first plan doesn’t work, don’t worry; numbers are infinite.
I will keep trying, changing, adapting and pushing on until I get to where I want to get. And I will eventually – just you watch.

The final message from me to you: You cannot fail if you turn your failures into success, so FUDGE THE FUDGING ALPHABET AND FIND YOURSELF YOUR VILLAGE!
If you want to follow Hatti’s fundraising frolics, please check out her Facebook page.



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