Physical after effects aside, an OCR can really play havoc with your grooming routine, as anyone who's still been picking dirt out of their ears on a Tuesday can attest to. Having random globs of clay mud in your hair can also be quite a pain when you're trying to move among ordinary humans. So, I've compiled a few quick tips you can take on board to make your aesthetic recovery from an OCR or mud run just that little bit easier, and the best thing about this sort of recovery is that it doesn't require a foam roller.

  1. Use your race as an excuse to deep condition

Don’t laugh - this struggle is real. Have you ever found yourself trying to get yellow NUTS tint out of your hair days after the event? Noticed that musty smell occasionally wafting down from a hair treatment you didn’t really ask for? The solution is in the preparation, my friends.

It doesn’t have to be your most expensive intense moisturising treatment – it can be your bog standard conditioner, argan oil or 99p coconut oil – just slather your hair in it. Nobody will care or notice that you look like that time Pete presented the Mudstacle News, and that mud and grit will slide right out. Nobody in the office need know that you crawled through a veritable sewer at the weekend.

  1. Total wipeout

Watching fellow competitors rub themselves raw with dry, mucky towels has compelled me to write this public service announcement – bring wipes to races! If you’re justly concerned about the environmental impact of single use wipes, get yourself some cheap flannels and bang them in a Tupperware with a SMALL amount of soapy water in them. That stubborn mud will slide off like a dream, and you won’t have to wait for ages to enjoy a measly trickle from a terminally overloaded hosepipe.

  1. No pre-game hair removal

Tempting as it may seem to have smoothly-smooth legs and faces and whatever else you fancy temporarily balding, it is not a good idea to shave, wax or pluck the night before a race. You will cause microabrasions on the skin surface, which bacteria just love, and you’ll leave follicles more prone to infection. It’s not just your eyes and mouth you want to keep shut in murky, muddy waters – diseases can cross broken down skin barriers, and I don’t want that for you. Also, five’o’clock shadow in chafe prone areas makes running after shaving a miserable experience. Stay hairy. Nobody cares if you’ve got caveman legs.

  1. Nail it

You can wash your hands as MUCH as you want after a race, but nothing’s going to tackle the monsters under and around your nails like a good brush. Throw a teeny, tiny one in your bag and go to town on those cuticles when you’re done. You’ll feel loads better, and your nails won’t be as prone to staining afterwards. Plus, you’re much less likely to get free E. coli sprinkles on your post race burger when your talons are tamed.

  1. Get hot under the collar

I cannot claim to have dreamt this absolute banger of a tip up myself, but it’s a gem for winter racing. Pack a toasty hot water bottle in your kit bag – while you’re out dipping and diving and crawling and climbing, your change of clothes will be toasting gently away, ready to embrace you in a wave of warmth you never knew you could experience. It really makes a difference when you can’t feel your bum cheeks and you’re shivering, half naked in a mud-smeared marquee. And when you get that delicious little hug – remember us. You’re welcome.

Images via GIPHY and Netflix Australia



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