Let's talk about the chronically underused OCR wonder-scape that is Scotland. Scotland is  an absolute paradise of varied terrain, and given its distance from the usual UK hubs, it must feel far from our radar, but we promise - we're watching!

We're particularly excited to see what Beach Ballistic have in store this year - especially as they are both a Euro and OCRWC qualifying race (in their 16 and 32km races). There are only 2 of these kinds of races up there, so we're expecting hot competition from the Scottish OCR contingent.

Beach ballistic is set in the vast grounds of Balmedie Country Park in Aberdeenshire and is Scotland's only beach based obstacle course.

If they're on the beach, that can only mean a sandy sufferfest among the dunes right? Pretty much! In their defence, the beach is really quite lovely.

Participants can choose from a standard 6 and 16km route, invoving barrel lugs, tyre mounds IN THE SEA and other more familiar obstacles. If that's not enough for you, you could always battle through their 32km challenge.

If you check out the course map on the Beach Ballistic website - you can see that the terrain is going to vary wildly, making for a really interesting race, especially because your muscles are going to be burning in a whole new range of ways. But don't be too put off - if you're just starting OCR, or are concerned about fitness levels, the 6km is more than manageable, and is set in a beautiful location. With the price currently sitting around £50 for the standard 16k course, this is an absolute steal, plus they have team challenges too.

The weather being so good this summer could just be the perfect excuse to get yourselves to far-flung Aberdeen, and see just how hard the the Scots go. They've even partnered with accommodation and flight companies to try to get you there, and from where we're standing, it looks well worth a trip. Looks like we're going to have to work on that sand-base running technique.

Ami is the Editor of Mudstacle, but moonlights as a farm animal vet, so basically she's perpetually dirty.


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