Tuff Enuff events have rebranded, and from their hideaway at Lands End in west Cornwall, they’re bringing us a new race on that beautiful, yet ferocious coastline.

You’d be forgiven for not having ventured to a Wild West Race, as it is the most westerly course on the UK map, but it’s getting more and more important to support the more far-flung races, for the benefit of their local communities and to keep that variety alive!

The courses at Wild West Races (as they are now known) combine valleys, woods, lakes, costal paths, cliff tops, swamps and fields, creating quite the scenic trail as you negotiate over 80 obstacles, a combination of natural and man-made.

With OCR being so south-eastern centric, we know there are a lot of dedicated local followers to this brand, so there has been a lot of focus on keeping the course inclusive to all abilities. It’s certainly one you could bring the family to under the guise of having an invigorating Cornish getaway. You can even camp! With hookups for electrics and hot showers for all runners, you’ve even more reason to make a weekend of it.

There are loads of options to choose from on race day, including a team challenge, 10k and 20k adult races, a 7k family race and a 7k or 4k junior race. Truly something for everyone, and we think the family race is particularly good if the kids are feeling a bit shy about going it alone.

Their next race is on the 22nd September, and they also run experience days – now there’s a way to win the love of your work colleagues! There’s even a little race discount to be used throughout July – just tap in RELENTLESS15 at the checkout.

Check them out at: http://wildwestraces.co.uk/

Ami is the Editor of Mudstacle, but moonlights as a farm animal vet, so basically she's perpetually dirty.


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