Mr Parry passed responsibility of this product test over to me back in May, but thanks to the carnage of RRDW and ETM, well, I forgot. Sorry Mudstacle, please forgive me.

However, there are more ways to get catastrophically dirty than just through OCR, and I happened to remember the when heading to a festival the past weekend.

Music festivals and OCR are practically the same thing - both involve mud and portaloos. I thought it was as good a place as any to test Wash Buddy.

Without further ado, here are 6 things you need to know about Wash Buddy.

  1. It’s small and robust, making it easy to transport without risk of it exploding everywhere or taking up loads of room in your bag, one wash buddy is smaller than my clenched fist.
  1. It’s idiot-proof: open pack, unroll sponge, and add water… Job done.


  1. It’s apparently reusable (however just because it is, doesn’t always mean you should. The good old rinse and repeat technique is definitely gives this the upper hand on the common wet wipe. The pack of 5 even comes in a lovely resealable carry bag. But let’s set the scene; post race “intimate bits” scrub down… That sponge is going nowhere near my face again.

  1. Wash Buddy is natural smelling. That’s right – there’s nothing better than the beautiful smell of aloe vera. My better half, Katie, even said I smelled beautiful. I'll take that at the best of times, so on day two of festival that’s a big tick for wash buddy.


  1. You can get a good scrub on. If that bit of ingrained mud, sweat or glitter is giving you some grief, baby wipes tend to rip or warp. No problem for wash buddy. Give it some elbow grease and, poof! The dirt is gone.


  1. No towel needed. Due to how little water is actually used, I was dry and clean within a couple of minutes, ready to put clothes back on and get on with my day.


So there you have it. It may have seemed a little gimmicky, but Wash Buddy might just revolutionise your post-race scrubdown. You’re welcome! If you want a Wash Buddy, check out their website or Amazon store. Their website is a bit temperamental on some browsers, so don't worry, it's not just you.


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