Not going to lie; our interest is piqued.

Ape Index is one of those indoor gyms that make for excellent training and the best Instagram stories. It's also a place where have-a-go obstacle racers can truly get schooled in better technique that makes racing a lot more fluid. It looks like a cross between all the best bits of your school's gym equipment that they'd never let you use, and a parkour gym decorated by pixies, with heavy technicolour influences. Based in Leicester, they have facilities to suit all experience levels.

This weekend, they're running a competition that can win a lucky (and talented individual) a bonus prize of £1000. Intrigued? So are we.

With separate competitions for men and women (with equal prize money, catch up, other sports), this looks like a brilliant weekend. Even if you don't feel in with a chance of winning the top prize, it's still worth checking out, not least because there are various other things to win, but because you're going to be able to test yourself on a clear round of their course. This is a perfect opportunity to test your skills in a race situation without all the drama of getting wet and muddy.

If it sounds like your bag, why not jump over to their event page and sign up? Just follow this link!
If you need more convincing, check out the event flyer below. Good luck!


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