That 2019 season pass is looking like a better and better deal every day, as Rat Race announce they acquisition of hugely popular series HellRunner from TrailPlus Events.

The two trail running events will snuggle in under the Rat Race umbrella right after the end of the 2018 series.

What have Rat Race got to say about this awesome acquisition? Well, there's been nothing but praise for HellRunner from RR founder, Jim Mee. “HellRunner is a superb and well-established trail running series that has operated for nearly as long as we have. We both therefore come with serious pedigree and really ‘get’ the way one another operates – there is a real affinity there and has been for a long time." Paul Magner, MD of TrailPlus is reportedly "thrilled," and sees HellRunner "going to new heights and, perhaps where mud and water exist, new depths too". Fair point.

Rat Race realise the importance of keeping the essence of those original events; the founders of HellRunner will remain involved in the development of the event, which will no doubt evolve under the watchful eye of RR, who are getting bigger and stronger each year. Fans may have also noted that Survival of the Fittest will have more dates next year, so we are doubly pleased these long established original races remaining on our calendar.

"Where many others are contracting or withdrawing from the market, Rat Race is growing with a determination to inspire even more folk to take on adventure challenges. With our huge experience and precedent for running the best events out there, we are rightly being seen as the trusted go-to brand. We are committed to the continued expansion as market leader in the adventure challenge market and with our commitment to HellRunner for the long-term, we will be able to grow and nurture this British classic within the Rat Race stable.”

Them's big words, Jim! With a strong 2018 season almost behind us, we can't wait to see what a stable full of rats looks like next year!


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