If you’ve not already had your fill of beach racing, we are very pleased to report that Gladiator Races are gearing up for their 2019 season already, with a nifty course and a new ambassador program.

If you think mud-based obstacle racing is so last year, then this is the race series for you. Breaking free from those well-trodden, traditional locations, they are creating something even more challenging with a little help from our new mortal enemy - sand.

Next year, Gladiator Races are hosting 5 events at 5 different beaches; with Worthing and Weston Super-Mare already on the roster. The courses will comprise 10 gruelling kilometres packed with an average of 2.5 obstacles per km. It’s hard to tell what will prove more challenging: getting over all of those builds, or stomping down 10km of sand. Looking at this course map, it appears as though there may be a cheeky dunk too!

Early rates are pretty sensible, starting at £39, but make sure you get on board soon, as they will creep to £89 closer to event day.

We think it’s about time to break from the norm, and are really excited to check out what’s in store for us.

For the even more intrigued amongst you, there is a Gladiator Ambassador program in the works. A spot on their 2019 Brand Ambassadorship line-up would mean a 2019 season pass to all events, merchandise, a discount code for signups and 5% cash back on all entries you generate. You can apply for this online at gladiator-races.com.

More than that, Gladiator is still on the lookout for race partners, for that community feel. If you would like to sponsor the event village, water stations or even an obstacle, email angela.brown@gladiator-races.com for further details.

[Thanks to Gladiator Races for photographs]


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