Wow, what a weekend. We're only just coming out of hibernation. While you were snuggled up at home watching from afar, or prepping and priming ready to rep at the OCR World Championships, our little yellow ants were SWARMING the OCRWC courses to bring you up close action from all of the frontrunners.

In all the excitement of the weekend, our Mudstacle TV videos tend to get buried, so here they are all neatly lined up for your viewing pleasure!

3k Sprint

15k Classic Course

Team Championship

Not only that, but we think that these OCRWC promo videos are pretty nifty...

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

And if that's still not enough for you, there's a cheeky bit of Mudstacle influence here on the Channel Four show, Triathlon and Endurance Events.

And that's your fill! Stay with us for the 2019 reveal soon...


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