You may not be here in person, but gosh-darnit you’re here in spirit. Of course, we’re stoked at the news that the main 15k event is going to be featured on major television channels, but if you want to keep up with the action LIVE, then we, naturally, have you covered. As if there was any doubt.

Mudstacle will be involved with the team capturing footage from the races as they happen.

We will get this to you in two ways: Mudstacle TV frontrunner highlights coverage following the event, and…

The OCRWC Facebook live stream, with a little help from the UK Mudd Queens. Follow the page here.

The OCRWC Instagram page, headed up by the inimitable Rin. Follow them here.

We will be doing our best to cover as much of the course as we can for as long as possible, but we will also have some roving updates on our own Facebook page and Instagram.

As always, if you see us on course, give us a wave! If you spot a live streamer, do come up and have a chat – we want to make the live stream as much about the athletes’ experiences as possible, and let's face it, nobody needs to hear us rabbit constantly for 6 hours a day!

Keep your eyes peeled for MudstacleTV, the infamous OCR Hashtaggers video and new feature 'Mudstacle Asks' coming to a screen near you...


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