When we broke the news to that the OCR World Championships were due to be televised, it's safe to say we were pretty excited. Now, as well as you being able to see some familiar faces, we're even happier to report that there'll be a little bit of Mudstacle influence in there too.

If you want to relive the agony and the glory of this past weekend, you can set your record button (or get up super, super early) for Channel 4 on Saturday 27th of October at 5.55am.

Watch as Jon Albon defends his multiple world titles in the men's race, and Lindsay Webster fights to stay on top of the Ladies' podium. The focus of the show will be on Saturday's 15k endurance race, but no doubt will feature the trials of the thousands of you that stomped the course over the weekend.

Press record, stay tuned, and watch as OCR gets a platform on mainstream TV!

[Photo: TrashHousePanda @ OCRWC]



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