Well, a lot can change in a year, and this one is no different as we proudly introduce the NEW host of the Mudstacle Awards.

Well, who are YOU?

I’m Stuart Amory; black belt at 10, Scottish Karate Champion at 13, ex RAF Sgt, Physical Training Instructor & Parachuting Jumping Instructor, jumped from 25,000ft in the Californian desert and was freezing, member of the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team, 13 years as a self employed personal trainer, Ironman triathlete, challenge seeker and now obstacle race MC. I’ve been on the mic for many UK based races and the OCR World Series Finals, the European OCR Champs & the OCR World Championships.

Photo - Charlotte Visuals

Okay, you can take a breath now! Your year has been a bit of a whirlwind – what were the highlights?

Last year was my ‘annus horribilis,’ so I vowed to do what I could to make 2018 better… And to be honest with you, it’s ROCKED! The year began with me working for Saucony at the inaugural Running Show, and has taken off since. Being asked to MC abroad was such an honour; I’ve been to Denmark and The Netherlands, and then to MC with my buddy Brian Jordan at this year’s OCRWC was a huge highlight. However, the one that I still don’t think will ever truly sink in is ‘The Run of Gratitude’ where I decided to run from my house in SW London to my girlfriend’s in Aberdeenshire, covering 585 miles in 17 days, raising £11,300 for Mind.

What does Mudstacle mean to you?

I feel part of my life’s role is to help people achieve things they once thought impossible. Mudstacle is a community that does that, and can help me achieve that too. It’s an area for positivity and camaraderie to grow and for people to easily be swept up in it too. It also gives me what I feel is absent in my life since I left the RAF in 2005. My kids and I #bleedyellow!

Photo - Monster Race - Epic Action Imagery

How does it feel to be hosting the Mudstacle awards this year?

An absolute honour! I have been to every awards so far and being self employed, I see it as my annual Christmas party! I love OCR and have done since my first race at Tough Guy 10 years ago. To be asked to host the 2018 awards blew me away, I just hope I can fill David Hellard’s (high heeled) shoes and do him, the Mudstacle team and the OCR Community proud!

Have you got your own personal awards sorted?

Not yet, but this my focus now I’ve come down from an incredible high after the worlds. I will be asking for ideas online very soon…

Any final words?

I urge everyone to come along - especially those who’ve never been before because it is an epic night where some of our country’s happiest people get glammed up and allow more than the odd shot of jäger to slip past their lips. Together we celebrate the best of our fantastic sport of obstacle course racing, and its community.

One last thing, any plans for that beard of yours? We did so enjoy last year’s baubles.

I don’t know… Mudstacle yellow?

There's still time to get your VOTE in and your TICKETS for the Mudstacle Awards V. Act now for no regrets!

[Cover Photo - www.mybibnumber.com. Judgement Day]


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