It’s been a tumultuous year at Tough Mudder, even by founder Will Dean’s own admission.

First they’ve added new race formats (with their excellent TM5K, for example), and then there are venue cancellations. With reports of winners still waiting on their promised prize money, we’re left wondering whether times are tough at TM. It certainly doesn’t appear that way after seeing that they have reinvested in their 2019 obstacle roster, but with Will Dean “stepping back” from day to day management of the brand, we know that change is afoot.

The company itself has now split into separate enterprises, one, the classic event management company, and the other, Tough Mudder Boot Camp. TMHQ reports that they are in the process of securing investment to ensure both businesses continue to thrive.

Tough Mudder events appear to want to get back to the origins of their ethos, and as a method of quality control, will be reducing the number of North American events offered next year. Business for TM Bootcamp seems to be booming already, with almost 60 franchises sold in its first six months. No matter what happens, the TM Tribe will be watching closely.

Will Dean, while remaining chairman of TM, has registered a new company, thought to be a hybrid of an escape room, theme park and video game. We don’t really know what that means, but can’t help thinking it sounds pretty cool. You can read his full statement surrounding his move here.

With the business side of things out of the way, let’s take a look at the new

obstacles in store for next season, some of which are making their debut at World’s Toughest Mudder RIGHT NOW!

Here's the Leap of Faith. Seems simple enough, but that gap always seems bigger when your feet are on the edge of dry land!

The Spread Eagle. That's going to make for some photographic opportunities... Contnuing the slackline theme, Mudders can also look out for black widow, which is a whole tangle of slacklines over water.

Here's the Gauntlet, a multi-stage rig. TMHQ have this to say of this monster: "multiple iconic sections, each testing a different aspect of toughness. It’s where good Mudders find greatness and only the strongest will succeed. Clocking in at over 100 feet, this isn’t just the longest obstacle of the 2019 TMHQ season - it’s the longest obstacle we’ve built. Ever."

We don't know about you, but this bad boy looks pretty appealing to us. They join Texas Hold'em, Hydrophobia, Tight Squeeze, Entrapment, Augustus Gloop 2.0, and the enormous Mudderhorn. If these pictures have whetted your considerable appetite for mayhem, check out their UK dates and get in before the 29th November price increase. Maybe we'll see you there.


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