The OCRWC announced today the launch of it's new global rankings system. Using a new and unique method to rank and create a global narrative surrounding the best male and female pro athletes throughout the year, they hope to track form and performanceleading up to the 2019 World Championships, once again taking place in the UK.

The Top 10 Athlete Ranking system does not rely on points alone, employing the input of an international committee comprised of well-informed OCR authorities, icluding media and event professionals. The rankings take into account the performance of racers in different locations, and different events, to measure their successes against each other.

Can Ryan finally topple Jon?

Votes will be cast monthly by the committee, taking worldwide results into account. Aiming to rank the performances of athletes against those in other countries and continents, before they compete head-to-head at the World Championships in October 2019.

Initially the ranking pool was created from a list of 15 male and 15 female pro athletes, who competed at OCRWC 2018. Each of the voters are allocated 5 ‘write-in’ entries per month which can be used to highlight up and coming athletes, or those who were unable to attend OCRWC ’18.

Every month this list of successful athletes will grow and change as the season picks up and races start to come thick and fast new names are sure to emerge and we will know who to be watching come October.

Will 2019 be Nicole's year?

“We are excited to launch this new system and hope that it creates friendly competition and debate amongst the community, and keeps the spirit of OCRWC alive all year,” said Adventurey CEO, parent company of OCRWC, Adrian Bijanada. “We believe that the caliber of the panel we have chosen will give an accurate and fair representation of the performance of our very best athletes worldwide. We also hope to bring attention to the lesser known, but high performing athletes who work so hard throughout the year, but often fly under the radar.”

It will be interesting to see how the rankings progress over the year and how good a predictor it will be for the OCRWC in 2019.
The first table is already available here and you can also find out about those who are making up the voting committee


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