Ape Index is one of the best Ninja Gyms in the UK. It was started by 'Ninja' Nigel Leaming after his appearances on Ninja Warrior UK. He wanted somewhere to train that would give him the skills he needed to win and compete internationally. Not being able to find anything out there, the idea for Ape Index was born. It has grown and developed over the years and is now one of the best places to hone not just Ninja skills but climbing and OCR too. With courses seeing more technical obstacles year on year, the already blurry lines between what is an OCR obstacle and what is a Ninja obstacle are getting harder to define so the chance to train and test ourselves on them is a welcome one.

Ape Index has 7500sq ft of obstacles, climbing, challenges and art all in one place. There are several rigs with endless obstacles, which get changed frequently and if you have seen a new and exciting obstacle at the Euro's or World Championships or on Ninja Warrior, sooner or later you are sure to find a harder version of it at Ape Index. There's a bouldering wall and a climbers' training area with peg boards, endurance boards, finger boards, a campus board, a cliff hangers and grips and holds of all shapes and sizes!
They also have a Parkour area, gymnastics equipment, balance obstacles, weights, bars, a foam pit and of course the three most iconic obstacles: a climbing rope, a warped wall (this one is 18ft plus bar extensions up to 23ft) and the most challenging salmon ladder in the UK (18 different shaped rungs on a nice overhang).

Just a small salmon ladder then?

But this isn't all; Ape Index is also one big art exhibition, not only are the obstacles and all the equipment unique and colourfully decorated, but this year Ape Index has also been part of "Bring the Paint" - Leicester's biggest street art festival - so expect new and exciting art around every corner!

If this hasn't got you excited yet, Ape Index's annual competition "Clash of the Titans" is coming up next month! And don't be put off by the big scary sounding name or the word competition, because this is the place to be to challenge yourself, improve your techniques and learn from the best. This is a no pressure, fun day out for anybody, no matter what your ability.
The day starts off with 2 hours to test your skills on about 20 pre marked obstacles to collect as many points as you can. You can move around the gym freely and pick and choose which ones to do and have as few or as many goes as you like (watch Ape Index's video on Facebook to get an idea of this round). After this it is onto Round 2 where an easy course will be set that everybody can have a go on; the ideal opportunity to test your obstacle skills without all the mud. If you have survived the easy course and make it to round 3, the course gets harder and the competition tougher as everybody battles it out to make it to the final, which offers the chance of winning £1000!

plenty to test those skills

Apart from the £1000 for total victory, there is equal prize money and podium places for both male and female athletes as well as some extra prizes, so don't miss out! Test and improve your skills and spend a great day with an amazing bunch of people. Mark the 15th September 2019 in your calendar now!

Intrigued? Sign up here: www.apeindex.rocks/events and follow Ape Index's Facebook page for the latest updates. 


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