In the summer of 2018, inov-8 beat its rivals in the race to use graphene with the launch of the Terraultra G 260, Mudclaw G 260 and has since spread its patent-pending technology into shoes for hiking and fitness, as well as running. Such has been the popularity of their game-changing footwear, inov-8 has seen sales of their Graphene-Grip products increase by 95% in the first half of 2019.

Now the British-born brand is expanding its graphene range further with the launch of a new trail running shoe, the TRAILROC G 280. The new TRAILROC G 280, designed for off-road runners tackling long distances on hard-packed trails, is expected to be another huge success for the brand which was forged in the fells of the English Lake District.

inov-8 COO Michael Price said: “Graphene is the future, mark my words. It has limitless potential and we feel proud to be leading the way in a sports footwear revolution.

"By utilising graphene we have solved a long-standing problem for end users who had to choose between a softer rubber outsole that grips in all conditions and a harder rubber outsole that is more durable. Now they can get it all in one rubber outsole boasting the ‘world’s toughest grip."

As well as a Graphene-Grip outsole, the TRAILROC G 280 also features inov-8’s most cushioned underfoot ride to date, combined with a new flexible rock plate that both protects and gives a kick of spring-back energy with every stride. Weighing just 280g, the super-comfortable shoes were worn straight from the box by Hallvard Schjolberg when winning the 85km Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun earlier this year.

The Trailroc has always been one of the most popular shoes in the inov-8 range and when they were relaunhed recently after a year or two away the cheers in the mountains and fells could be heard from London. Now I can't wait to try this latest addition to the line and really put them through their paces. We hope to have a review for you soon!


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