From Spartan Race HQ:

Today we have released our latest update to the Spartan Rules of Competition. It will go into effect for races globally starting on August 24, 2019, We have updated the language and formatting of the rules, added some brand new rules, and recategorized some of the obstacles. While a full list of changes is listed on the last page of the rule book, there are a few changes we want to make sure you are aware of before your race.

● You are not required to complete 5 burpees at the Atlas Carry.You are only required to carry the Atlas Stone along the required route and return to the starting point.
● You are allowed to carry the bucket above the head or on the shoulder during the Bucket Carry. Also if the lid comes off you do not need to restart the obstacle unless the material has also been displaced.
● You are not allowed to use the vertical truss as a ladder in order to start hanging obstacles, EG Monkey Bars. You can, however, use the Horizontal Truss to start the obstacles.
● You must complete the Dunk Wall as it is now a mandatory obstacle.
● You are considered to have completed the balance beam once you have touched the descending beam with at least one foot.
● Spartan is not obligated to review 3rd party video footage for any reason.
● We have defined what standing on top of means at the Hercules Hoist. Competitors hips may not rise above the top of the barrier.

There are some interesting rule changes here for sure. Being allowed to carry the bucket on your shoulders will be a game changer and should reduce the neeed for people to take breaks with their bucket. There are two rules that may work against people based on their height here; Not using the vertical truss to reach monkey bars may see some smaller athletes struggle. While the rule on hips above the barrier for the hoist could see taller athletes punished for performing the same move as their smaller counterparts. The rule on third party footage is a welcome one following a number of controversies both here and abroad in recent seasons and will hopefully see less post race complaints.

You can find the full Spartan Rulebook here


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