As many of you now know with the recent video coming out over social media, Judgment Day's remaining events for the year have been cancelled. At this moment in time refunds have not been issued but people have instead been advised to contact their card issuer to perform a chargeback. Unfortunately these cancellations do include the Christmas team event, which has so often served as a muddy apetiser to the glitz and glamour of the annual Mudstacle awards.

Thankfully Wayne and Camelot Events have stepped in and will be hosting team event of their own with 4x4NUTS on Saturday December 7th. There will be a number of unique team elements added to the already classic Nuts course. It's sure to be a great day out and a chance for everyone to let their hair down with fancy dress and fun at the end of another long OCR season. We asked Wayne for his thoughts on putting on the event and stepping into the void left by the cancellation of JD.

"We have launched our own event for the 7th of December with 4x4 Nuts. This is in light of the events unfolding with Judgement Day and Dean Haviland- Newman across Facebook. While we wish Dean all the best with his mental health, there is a void that has been left and one we can only hope to fill for you.

We want to be completely transparent in our operations for this event and advise that we are not in a position to absorb the tickets from JD Goes Nuts. Camelot Events received a very small deposit from Judgement Day to host "JD Goes Nuts" which is nowhere near enough to cover the costs of operating the event. We are aware and wholly understand that this will come as a disappointment to many. However, we can only stress to each and every one of you who signed up to the event to go to your bank and start the process of applying for a refund if you have not recieved one already.

We want to welcome everyone to 4x4 Nuts as a Christmas team event has always been a highlight for many, especially the precursor to the annual Mudstacle awards. A sincere thank you for your understanding, The Camelot Events Team."

We don't know about you but we are really excited about what Wayne and the team have in store. If you want your fix of Christmas team OCR you can sign up here and while you are at it there is still time to get your tickets for the Mudstacle Awards.


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