After two years making it's home in the UK, the OCRWC is relocating again in 2020. Straton Mountain Vermont has been announced as the new host venue. Adventurey have taken the unusual step of announcing their 2020 venue prior to this years World Championships. The news dropped without warning yesterday catching pretty much everyone unaware.

A return to the USA was not entirely unexpected but since the news broke there has been a mixed reaction online with many expressing dissapointment that we won't be seeing a new nation play host to the OCRWC. Alongside that dissapointment is an excitement at the return to a skie resort venue at Stratton Mountain Vermont, with hope of recreating the "athletes village" atmosphere that was a highlight for many during the two years in Blue Mountain Resort Canada.

“We cannot wait to introduce all of our athletes to everything Stratton Mountain has to offer. The terrain at Stratton, combined with peak Vermont autumn foliage, will create a uniquely New England atmosphere unlike anything the obstacle course racing community has experienced before. Stratton is a championship-caliber venue with the facilities and infrastructure to provide our athletes and spectators with the best possible experience in the sport of OCR.”
Adrian Bijanada, Adventurey Founder & CEO.

Stratton Mountain will be a familiar venue for championship OCR athletes. It has played host to the North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships (NorAm) for the past two years.

We are excited that next years World Championships will once again give an opportunity for those in the UK to expeience an international big race atmosphere. While we would have liked to see what somewhere like South Africa could have offered we understand the decision to return home and prepare for the next destination in another two years time.

Registration is due to open on November 1st 2019 with the events taking place over 2-4 October 2020.


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