News has broken today that World's Toughest Mudder 2020 is the latest event to fall victim to the Covid-19 pandemic engulfing the globe this year. Due to take place in Dallas, Texas this year would have been the 10th anniversary for the 24 hour marquee event of the Tough Mudder calendar. Many had still held out hope that this years event may still proceed after seeing the resumption of some Spartan events over the past few weeks with many optimistic conversations in the WTM Facebook groups. However with the number of cases continuing to rise and numerous travel restrictions being imposed globally Tough Mudder have cancelled all physical 2020 events.

It has become clear based on our conversations with local officials that the ongoing COVID trends and corresponding restrictions don’t support conducting the remaining 2020 Tough Mudder US events as originally scheduled. We’re setting our sights on a strong 2021, with a full North America and UK calendar rolling out over the next few weeks, and keeping our community active with Tough Mudder Challenges, Virtual Toughest and Virtual World’s Toughest Mudder in the meantime.
Kyle McLaughlin Tough Mudder CEO

For those that have signed up and are wondering what this means for them the news coming out of Tough Mudder HQ is as follows:
All tickets have been automatically transferred to World's Toughest Mudder 2021 to be held in October or November of that year - location details to be confirmed soon. Ticket holders will receive a new confirmation email within the next 24 hours and should discard any old confirmation emails, retaining this new confirmation email as their event ticket.

Tough Mudder will also be launching a virtual WTM and a way to earn your 2020 Holy Grail virtually, all with unique gear that you’ll only be able to earn during this 2020 quarantine season. More details on this are due to be released later this week. For now thoughyou can check out the recently launched Tough Mudder Challenges to get your virtual fix.


  1. The cover photo of this article isn’t of TM participants, but of an 80s TV show that way over-stereotypes people who live in Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth in particular. I don’t know whether to laugh or question if you think that’s what Texans are like?


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