With the global Covid-19 pandemic 2020 has seen most UK events having to cancel or postpone until 2021. The restriction on large gatherings has hit the events industry hard. As restrictions begin to be lifted we are starting to see a number of companies look at new and innovative ways to race safely. This month has already seen Maverick return with a time trail style event on the Jurrasic Coast. All reports suggest that the return was a huge success with with measures in place to ensure the safety of all involved.

We have also seen a number of time trial events at OCR training facilities up and down the country. UKOSF have stepped into bring them together to create a regional short course time trial championship. Athletes will race against the clock to appear on a national leaderboard for each location, these will also be broken down by gender and age groups.

Each course will be individually designed by the training facility, operating under the following UKOSF guidelines.

  • Every location will have at least 10 obstacles (and probably a lot more) and be between 100m and 3K in length.
  • Courses will be available to run until September 20th 2020.
  • The obstacle list and course for each location will be published ahead of time, and will not change.
  • Each obstacle will have clear rules documented by the venue and available to read before you race.
  • Course times will be recorded by a marshal (i.e. not self-timed).
  • Adaptations can also be made for any para athletes who would like to take part.

Following the completion of the above time trials UKOSF will host two regional finals; 

UKOSF Northern Time Trial Finals
Date: 27.09.2020
Location: Fit Body Farm, Kilmaurs, Kilmarnock
Registration opens: 21.09.20

UKOSF Southern Time Trial Finals
Date: 18.10.2020
Location: The P.T. Barn, Basildon, Essex
Registration opens: 23.09.20

Qualification will be in the following divisions.

  • AG9-12
  • Female AG13-17
  • Male AG13-17
  • Female Senior
  • Male Senior 
  • Female Masters 
  • Male Masters

It's great to see the people are being given the opportunity to find new ways to race until we are all able to join eachother on the start line again.

For full information on how to enter and qualify for the finals check here


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