Welcome to Mudstacle! We are the hub of the UK's obstacle course racing and mud running community. In the pages of this site you'll find news, event reviews, a calendar to plan future events and a forum to talk through thoughts and advice on equipment, training, events and whatever else takes your fancy! We always welcome new names and faces, so come and say hi on Facebook and Twitter.

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How Mudstacle started

Pete Rees with medalsHi I'm Pete, the founder of Mudstacle. With a long history of rambling (with words, as well as my feet), in early 2012 I decided that I wanted to start a website to share my thoughts on my fast growing passion of obstacle course racing. Since then, Mudstacle has snowballed along with the rest of the obstacle course racing market and has become what you see before you today, mostly thanks to the amazing community of people who are as passionate about mud running as I am. It's that community spirit that has made Mudstacle the perfect place to get advice, meet up and chat with like minded people.

Mudstacle 2.0

In the Summer of 2017, Pete was beckoned away from Mudstacle by one of those 'Real Job' things. To fill the void left by Pexit, Mudstacle had to undergo some changes at headquarters. Now it is headed up by a crack team of apparent experts:

Ami Sawran - Editor in Chief and beard enthusiast

Andy Parry - Webmaster and beard enthusiast

Adam Jacobs - Professional hippopotamus and beard enthusiast

Lee Fuller - Head of Funstacle

What is Mudstacle and OCR?

OCR / Obstacle Course Races / Mudstacle is a combination of running, obstacles and usually a lot of mud! We should have named this site Mudrunstacle, but that would just be getting silly.

The length and difficulty of races vary, in fact we shouldn't really be generalising with the word "races", some of the events specifically state that they are not a race. The bulk of events are set over 5km to 20km and will normally include over 10 obstacles, but often a lot more.

Here's a selection of common obstacles:

Cargo net climb Tough GuyCargo net climbs

One of the classic army assault course obstacles. They vary in size from 15 feet upwards. Sometimes they'll just be a plain hanging vertical net and sometimes be part of a frame or angled, like the one pictured at Tough Guy Nettle Warrior.


Again these can vary largely in size, from those that are easy enough to hop over, to those that will need a little help from others. They are often made of either plane wood (pictured), logs or hay bails. If you're lucky there will be foot holds or ropes to help you up, even if they don't help a great deal!

Barbed wire crawl Tough GuyCrawls

Crawling is a feature of most events, often through mud, or sometimes ice. The sorts of things you'll be crawling under will be barbed wire or the dreaded electric shocks!

Concrete tunnels

This is almost like crawling through a sewer. Sometimes the tunnels are half filled with water. There's not often enough room to get on all-fours, so getting through them is normally just a worm-shuffle!

Tyre tunnels Tough GuyTyre tunnels

These are similar to the concrete tunnels and often have very little room to get through. On the plus side though, there's far more grip to help you along.

Fire run

This is a nice gimmicky one and isn't as bad as it looks. You're unlikely to get burnt, but your biggest problem will be breathing in the smoke and it getting in your eyes. What an inconvenience!

Water jump Tough Guy Water wading

Jumping in and out of water and wading can be refreshing on a hot day or crippling in the winter. Either way it can bring on the cramps, so eat your bananas!

Mud running

Getting mucky is always a lot of fun. Expect to be wading through deep mud and running over thin slippery mud. Decent trail shoes will definitely help out. Unless muddy sections are followed by a water dip, all that mud can add a lot to the weight you carry!

Monkey bars Tough MudderMonkey bars

Definitely one of the harder obstacles, depending on your weight and upper body strength. Pictured are the classic Tough Mudder, where an icy lake greats anyone that fails.

Electric shock

The dreaded stingers! These are never pleasant but the power of them can vary from an uncomfortable tingle to a crippling shock.

And loads more...

So basically we're talking a big kids adventure playground. Of course there will be a fair amount of running. Some events focus more on distance, others on a short blasts of obstacles.