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    I’m not sure about little ones running on their own… I think insurance would put a killer to that. And if I’m being honest half the fun was running with my princess and looking forward to 18-months time when my little lad will turn 5 and be able to join the muddy good fun we all enjoy!

    A mini-mudstacle league could be a good idea for older…[Read more]

  • Chris Barber started the topic Junior OCR's in the forum General Discussion 6 years ago

    My daughter (6-years-old) took part in her first OCR yesterday in the Rock Star junior race at Rock Solid (Milton Keynes).

    She has definitely got her Dad’s OCR bug and loved every minute! The only complaint being that it wasn’t nearly muddy or wet enough for her liking!

    She is chomping at the bit to do more, but are there any other junior races…[Read more]

  • Hey guys…

    Thanks for the positive response to my post. I was expecting the usual Internet slagging off, but it certainly backs up my thoughts of the OCR community in general that we are largely like-minded peeps!

    To clarify I was in the 15:20 wave (last of the day) and the stepping stones were open although severely back logged as I mentioned.…[Read more]

  • Today was such an unusual occurence that I wanted to share my thoughts…

    For the first time ever I was bitterly disappointed by an OCR, namely Rock Solid, Escot Park.

    After the 3.5-hour drive to get down to Exeter, the day didn’t start well with absolutely no event signs to help locate the venue. Had it not been for a stream of cars turning…[Read more]

  • Just wondering if anybody knew of any international OCRs at all?

    Mud runs are easy to find in the US but I was thinking more European based that we could hit for a weekend away etc. for not a lot more than the cost of travelling up and down the UK for races.

    Any knowledge or suggestions at all?

    Chris 🙂

  • Hi… just wondered if anybody else was going to the Nuts Training session on Saturday 15th… i’ve heard it’s swamp like with all the flooding!!!