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Any hints for the 28km Nuts Challenge?

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    Richard Watt


    Just sorting out a training plan for the 28km Nuts challenge, would appreciate any feedback re: what’s worked well in the past for others who have had a go.

    Many Thanks



    Alan Viveash

    I’ve done both the winter and summer version of this – with summer it’s just about endurance and fuelling. Have a bottle of water with salts/electrolytes for each lap and try to drink the full bottle, you’ll sweat out salt so you need to bomb back up or you’ll hit cramp city. Stuff whatever food you like in your head, then bang a couple of gels in for each lap. YMMV of course to test your fuel choices.

    Training wise, just a lot of running. Nuts obstacles aren’t too tricky on their own, so I’ve never felt the need to go mental on grip or strength training.

    Also you’re bound to find someone to tackle the 3rd/4th laps with – this really helps with the mental battle! (Cheers Gary)

    See you on the start line 🙂


    Steven Thorpe

    See you both on the start line.

    Already slowly upping my distance now as well as my weekly mileage and by August the aim is to be running 20 miles every Sunday.

    Feel that I will be ok on the obstacles and its a case of pounding the legs and force food down between each lap.


    Richard Watt

    Hey, Thanks both,

    Good advice re: fuel, I normally just eat a random selection of chocolate bars so I can see I’ll need to think more. I did get a little cramp last time so I’ll make sure I’ve a right mixture in my water.
    I was also wondering re: the max mileage people do when training, was starting to think I should do more than 28km so I’ll prep as if for a full marathon (peaking about 2 weeks before).
    My main weakness was the monkey bars as I failed completely last year and had to do a circuit with the log each time. I’m focusing on grip strength as per the video on here somewhere.



    George Marchant

    Training wise …
    Jumping is probably a good one. A good chuck of the challenge is endless mud/water pits…many of which can be cleared with a mighty leap. If you have to go fully into every single one and haul yourself out it gets very time consuming and exhausting.
    As mentioned above theres very little inthe way of technical obstacles, although crawling also forms a significant part. Generaly being mobile and flexible is a help.

    General endurance work also handy of course on anything that long.

    Shin/knee protection and some kind of glove are a good idea. Theres a fair bit of dragging yourself and crawling over stoney surfaces.

    Try not to be too big.

    Winter..dress warm but not overly restrictive (my mistake). You’ll be wet almost from the off and it really starts to wear you down after a few laps.


    Dave Walton

    May sound obvious but training is really about knowing your own body. I did summer last year and certainly didn’t go running marathon distances beforehand. At the most I might have run 15 miles at a time? I came in last at about 8 hours, and on the last lap the brilliant marshalls kept asking me if I was okay, but in truth I was fine and just felt tired, so like everyone’s said it’s all energy sapping. Plan some good eating and drinking between laps and if your laps are as long as mine a few gels on your travels. I had a weakened shoulder at the time so didn’t do the monkey bars or rings opting to carry the bloody log every time!


    Gary Mckeaveney

    Hi Rich

    the Nuts 28 in the summer really is an endurance challenge, so many muscles working very hard for a long time. Even the quickest guys often take more than 4 hours. With that in mind I definitely reckon having more than the 28k in your legs would be a great bonus as you get onto the 3rd and 4th laps , it’s what’s made the difference for me as I really struggled with cramps every time I had previously attempted the Nuts 28 up until winter this year. The only thing that I particularly changed this year was to add in some extra long runs for my training building up to 20 miles or so before the event and that along with good fuelling as some of the guys mentioned got me through.

    happy training Gary


    Lee Fuller

    You don’t just simply run nuts 4 laps

    i did 4 laps last winter and summer … be prepared to be on course 6 hours

    Pit lane wise … get food and drinks your looking forward to getting back to … noone has ever gone … oh yayyyy, another gel (i used dominoes pizza) people laughed … but it was tasty … gave me energy … and massively boosted my moral.
    and something for a decent salt intake, its a matter of limiting cramp as it will set in at somepoint

    something warm for post race / pitlane …. the lake is always cold (summer and winter) it will just drain you

    nuts 4 laps will hurt … but thats the fun of it … Grind it out


    Richard Watt

    Thanks All,

    Took your advice onboard and will see you tomorrow.
    Good luck

    Rich 🙂


    Richard Watt

    Thanks for everyone’s advice, thought I’d follow up on this to close the loop, the advice was great and we finished in 7 hrs 44 back in Sept. Still found my weakness was the monkey bars and upper body strength but it was way better than last year.

    Doing longer runs (30km was the longest) and circuit training (BMF) 3 times a week, thinking more about nutrition helped (stuffing gel sachets in my shorts for half way round was a good idea).
    Didn’t get on with gloves or use shin protection as I preferred to carry as little as poss.

    Off to the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM in Scotland) this weekend.

    PS. The marshals were brilliant, one kind lady stopped me and wiped the mud out of my eyes as I was running about with one eye closed.

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