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Anyone ever do a mud and/or obstacle run?

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    Rayan caleb

    I signed up for one of these and it is Saturday morning at 9AM. Unfortunately, I am realizing the temp will be in the high 40’s and even though the adrenaline and activity will get my temp up, I am really wonderin what I got myself into. Anybody have any stories or experiences on these types of events?This isn’t a Tough Mudder competition but it shares a lot fo the same qualities and characteristics if that helps. Course is a 5k with 20 or so obstacles if memory serves from farmer’s walks to wall scaling, to tire bridges, firemans crawls. etc. One thing I am particularly curious about is clothing. Do I wear something tight to hold in soem heat or being covered in mud and therefore wet mean that I will be worse off with more clothes?

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    Mike Richards

    The mudder I ran in conditions similar to that I wore a “coldgear” UA top. The problem was that it kept the water on my skin and with the wind, dropped my core temp low enough to give me the shivers on the course. I peeled that thing off and I warmed right up. My suggestion would be to wear some kind of quick dry material for a shirt and shorts. But make sure you have plenty of warm dry clothes when you are done!


    Anderson Carl

    100% accurate Mike. Same thing I was about to say.


    lucy john

    No dear I dont have any experience like this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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