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BoneFrog in October – TriState – COLD gear?

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    Kate Diaz

    BoneFrog is a 9 mile, 36 obstacle course and I’ve done a race at this track before. Was hilly to flat terrain (a bike raceway) with thick mud and some lake challenges.

    It will be October 24, 2015 and predicted to be about between 40-50 degrees with no sunshine. I am extremely worried about freezing my buns off. Right now, I have a long sleeve compression Under Armour shirt and am deciding from there where to go next – socks, compression shorts, long pants? I know no cotton… Neoprene and dry wick materials are best but any other guidance would be helpful.

    PLEASE help! Would a neoprene shorts wetsuit be too much? I rarely get hot and am not racing against the clock – just want to complete the challenge and stay as warm and dry as possible (doing this with my husband because he loves these things but def not my cup of tea!). I’m tall and lanky, so very susceptible to the freezing temperatures. Please help and THANK YOUUUU!!!!


    Alan Viveash

    Translation for Brits: 4.4-10 degrees centigrade 🙂

    My cold weather gear consists of:

    Torso: UA ColdGear compression top, a 2.5mm neorprene long sleeved top and a tech-t
    Legs: UA ColdGear compression shorts, running shorts, compression calf sleeves
    Feet: 2.5mm neoprene socks
    Hands: 3mm neoprene gloves

    ToughGuy optional extra: Neoprene beanie for the underwater bits

    That gear has got me around 4 laps of Winter Nuts, so it does the job, but your mileage may vary. If the temperature is in double figures (or 50F), then I wouldn’t bother with any of the neoprene myself. I don’t feel the cold in my legs, hence the exposed flesh, I guess the legs are working 100% of the time so they don’t get cold. Keep your extremities and the core warm and you’re toasty.

    Whack some kit on, get wet, go running. See what happens.

    Have fun 🙂


    Miranda Angelides

    I agree with Alan’s kit list for winter! I also have a 2mm shortie wetsuit (think the brand is called Mystic?) that goes under my cold weather compression gear, as I don’t cope too well with the cold.
    -3mm neoprene socks
    -3mm neoprene gloves
    -winter compression tights and top
    -2mm shortie wetsuit
    -2mm neoprene beanie (if you are going to get submersed in water it is a must for me!)

    But it is trial and error to see what works for you, so give it a try and enjoy winter running!

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