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Dips causing shoulder problems

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    Robin son

    Hello everyone,

    So basically I never really did dips before on a regular basis, only bench and push ups. I started exercising again, after some time off, and did dips in two workouts. After both of those workouts I had shoulder soreness (a bad type of soreness, in the biceps tendon area) a day after, but during the workout didn’t feel anything, probably because I was getting an amazing pump in my chest. I was wondering if some of you guys here who experienced something similar with dips managed to resolve this issue???The bars are around 65 cm (25,5 inches) apart so I don’t know if that is too wide… I was thinking of doing negatives in the future, after I recover, and see if that will fix the problem. Maybe strength is the issue and it’s causing my form to break without me realizing it?

    Please help.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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